The Seasons

June-Sept: the coolest time of the year and best for hippo and crocodile in the Wami river. Landscapes are green after the rains start to dry, opening up the grasslands for good game viewing. This is an ideal time for game driving and forest walks, and also for snorkelling as the sea is at its calmest.

Oct-Nov: Warmer temperatures and the end of the dry season mean that animals are increasingly attracted towards the lodge's waterhole. Buffalo are particularly visible at this time. Migratory birds start to arrive from the north and are at their most active. There are usually some light rains from late October - November, which bring flowers and a green hue to the parched landscape. But the sea can be choppy - not ideal for swimming.

Dec-March: The warmest time of year, when guests are invited to sleep under the stars in the cooling sea breeze. Swimming is at its best, and after short rains there is increasing activity around the waterholes. All the trees are in leaf and the environment is fertile.

April-May: April is traditionally the start of the heavier monsoon, but in recent years it has remained dry so the lodge will remain open for the month (but do be prepared for some rain and choppy seas). In May, the lodge is closed and many tracks and roads become impassable.

Saadani Check List

So what are the "must haves" on a trip to Saadani?

  • Suitable clothing. For game drives we recommend you bring clothing that is in keeping with the natural environment, natural, earthy tones work best as bright colours can scare off game.
  • A hat - the African sun is deceptively hot and sunstorke is always a threat for the unguarded.
  • In the evening we would recommend you cover ankles and other areas attractive to mosquitoes.
  • We do not enforce a strict dress policy but would request that you not wear bathing customs at lunch.
  • If you intend on trying our walking safaris a suitable pair of walking shoes is a must. Thick spines can puncture trainers easily so a heavy sole is recommended as are long, thick trousers.
  • Our paths and walkways are made of natural materials so we would not recommend the use of high heels.
  • Swimming costumes for plenty of time in the water.
  • Suntan lotion. Sufficient protection for your skin type. We would recommend a higher than normal factor as Saadani is located close to the equator.
  • A good read - from trashy to intellectual a good read is always a useful companion.
  • Binoculars.
  • Camera.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Small medical kit. Whilst we have a comprehensive medical kit is never a bad idea to carry your own. We would recommend you bring aspirins, after sun lotion, lip balm, milk of magnesia, plasters etc.
  • Medical and travel insurance.

Whilst at the Lodge

We operate at 220v, it is solar powered and there are not power sockets to be found in the rooms but we can recharge batteries at the office.

The lodge is located inside the National Park so we ask guests to conserve water wherever possible.

We ask guests to being environmentally sensitive cosmetics for use at the lodge.

Wild animals pass through the lodge frequently.

We also recommend that guests do not bring food items with them to the rooms.

Saadani Safari Lodge Map

Saadani Safari Lodge Map