Tanzania is a country of spectacular beauty, with a wealth of natural resources. It has everything you could want from a honeymoon: romantic and idyllic tropical islands, rugged and craggy mountains and acres of savannah plains as far as the eye can see, teaming with wildlife.

An Africa Honeymoon can be the ultimate romantic getaway. Africa has always had a certain aura and mystery about it that makes it a very special place for a Honeymoon. Imagine a candlelit romantic dinner for two, served in total seclusion, right in the heart of the African wilderness, or lazing back after a day of spotting the big four, staring at the brightly lit stars without a care in the world, listening to the call of the wild. A luxury African safari has all the ingredients for the perfect honeymoon where you can enjoy adventures together in beautiful romantic places. Sitting together by the waterhole; watching spellbound as families of elephant emerge from the bush to drink, gliding lazily down the Wami River at sunset, and having a candlelit dinner set out just for the two of you.

The award winning Siri suite has seen visitors from Presidents to supermodels and is the epitome of rustic chic; perched on top of a sand dune it commands views over the Indian Ocean as well as the national park. A private pool and bar are serviced by your own butler and security is proved by the resident leopard.