The heady mix of different ecosystems sets Saadani apart from all the national parks in Tanzania. The Blue haze of the Indian Ocean washes over Lowland coastal forests, acacia woodlands, open grasslands and mangroves. Saadani Safari Lodge set in the heart of the park offers an idylllic retreat to explore this most unique and distinguished destination. Here at Saadani Safari Lodge we offer;

  • Walking safaris
  • River boat safaris
  • Snorkelling off the sand bank
  • Game drives
  • Swahili Village tour
  • Maasai community tour
  • Bird walks

At Sea

Out at sea there is a small tidal sand island set in clear waters, which makes a lovely full day ocean boat trip. Here you can picnic lunch under shade on the cool island sand and there are good snorkelling spots just off shore.

Dolphins and green Turtles are often seen at the island and love to play around the boat. Safety and guest comfort are of paramount importance to us so we do not offer sea safaris when the winds are high or the sea rough. Typically in December and January when the Kas-kazi trade winds pick up it is not possible to offer the sea safari.

On Land

Saadani National Park has the distinction of being one of the last remaining protected coastal areas in East Africa. Truly native plants have nourished providing a rich tapestry of habitats to a vibrant and abundant wildlife population.

Wildebeast, antelope, duiker, reedbuck, zebra and giraffe amble the savannah plains whilst populations of buffalo and elephant seek solace from the heat of the sun and laze in the shade. Lions, leopards, mongoose and other predators also relax in cool spots awaiting the sun to set before embarking on their nocturnal hunting.

On The Wami RIver

Explore the wonders of the famous Wami River, a paradise for Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Located just 16km by road from the Lodge the Wami River is an overwhelming example of natural beauty. Date palms fringe the water edge whilst king fishers and weaver birds dart amongst their dappled shade. Fish eagles and storks fly sorties high above the brackish water seeking tiger and cat fish displaced by the enormous steps of the resident hippopotamus. Nile crocodiles line the banks absorbing the powerful rays of the African sun whilst cautiously regarding the slow progress of the boat.